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On-Site Event Volunteer Activities

Page history last edited by Miguel F Aznar 14 years, 4 months ago

Enter "edit" mode, then right click to add a row, if necessary.  Please fill your name, email address, and cell phone number on the day in which you can volunteer to do one or more of these tasks.


  Friday (Pre-Event) Saturday Sunday
General dogsbody (Fri-Sun) Malcolm Simmonds (UK) (uk)07899 907045 malcolm@shs100.com
Food run to Costco got this covered w/Gary Walchi   Not needed
    (if someone would go 2 miles,
    we'll have fresh bagels Sunday)
Banner and signage      
Table & Chairs arrangement      
 (replenish food and drink from      
food staged in kitchen)      

Morning Snack

 (replenish food and drink from      
food staged in kitchen)      
Lunch Break      


Afternoon Snack      
 (replenish food and drink from      
food staged in kitchen)      
Front Desk Registration Shannon Vyff  Shannon Vyff  Shannon Vyff 
Audio Logistics & Recording Adrian Cockcroft 408 963 9271 adrian.cockcroft@gmail.com  Adrian Cockcroft 
Video Logistics       


Comments (1)

Heath Emerson said

at 2:44 pm on Nov 13, 2008

Volunteers are welcome to join us at the Computer History Museum. Friday from 8am - 5pm to help with setup and volunteer orientation.

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