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Space Sensing Touching the Earth

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Session led by Amalie Sinclair


More information at www.spacetreaty.com


Running Notes

Thesis:  The space age is the information age.  AGI will be necessary to deal with systems of such scope and scale that we will see.  Space policy addresses security, global reconnaisance and sensing, and international communities simultaneously.



Need an International Space Systems Treaty (ISST) to protect against the misuse of information technology. 


What makes most sense is to start a Space Education Center and technology hub.  A historic Bay Area architectural feature.


http://hangarone.wikispaces.com/Re-use-concept ( please add under discussion tag )


  • NASA Ames Research Park
  • Mountain View City Council
  • The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
  • The Congressional Representatives of the Bay Area


Such a concept can work for public education on space development Past-Present-Future.


  • International Space Agencies will participate for a space education center at this locale
  • The future facility can include commercial interests
  • The space education center can include a technological hub
  • The technological hub can focus around innovative space-based applications
  • The technological hub can include configurations for AGI based problem solving at international levels


Possible point of convergence for the Hangar One re-use concept.  URI's Night NASA Ames April 5th 2009.  Rock the Planet.  President Obama has been invited.


This wouldn't overwrite the existing international space treaty which basically says "you can't put nuclear weapons in space."


Space security is global security.


Where is the global plan?  Space policy is information policy.  It addresses security, global reconnaisance and sensing, and international communities simultaneously.







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Convergence08 said

at 1:35 pm on Nov 17, 2008

Response to Christopher Altman's abstract

The world of the future depends upon the development of the tools of the future, to seek out opportunity on many levels.

Information warfare is another tool , a strong and internationalized cyberspace capacity can help prevent information warfare. Quantum cryptography can work .

Within intentional cyberspace oversights, state sponsored attacks on the internet find consequence plus usage of secure international cyberspace will detract.

The unique moment offers opportunity for outcome, location has no meaning for the virtual world , outer space is the all pervasive medium

A. Sinclair

Convergence08 said

at 1:45 pm on Nov 17, 2008

Plus remote sensing and radio tags enable nuclear non proliferation, stop illegal arams and identify biological warfares .


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